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Question 1:

You can count on well-written requirements, but you can\’t count on an adequate contribution of the stakeholders to the quality risk analysis. You have to mitigate the insufficient contribution of the stakeholders because the risk-based testing

approach shall minimize the product risks. Your test team has one expert tester in security testing.

Which of the following test activities would you expect to be the less important in this context?

K4 3 credits

A. Extract from the defect tracking system of the previous project all the security defects and failures, and classify them to support design and execution of specific tests

B. Automate all functional and non-functional system tests

C. Apply systematic and exploratory testing for integration and system test

D. Perform exploratory testing sessions with adequate charters covering security aspects

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

You are the Test Manager on a project following an iterative life-cycle model. The project should consist of nine iterations of one month duration each. It is planned to develop the most important features to have a stable core of the application in the first three iterations and to add the additional features in the last six iterations. At the beginning of the first iteration, only a draft version of the requirements specification document for the core features is available. Assume that during each of the first three iterations, the chosen features are fully completed and unit tested.

Which of the following statements is true in this context?

K4 3 credits

A. The system test phase should start when all the requirements are frozen

B. You should allocate a large effort for system testing during the first three iterations

C. You should allocate all the effort for the system test phase only in the last iteration

D. You should apply the same test strategy as used in a sequential life cycle model

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

Which of the following statements best describes an appropriate approach for managing exploratory testing? Number of correct responses: 1 K2 1 credit

A. Define very detailed mission statements, which allow testing work to be broken into sessions of up to 10 minutes duration in which testing is guided by these mission statements

B. Break the testing work in 30 to 120 minutes sessions and use properly defined mission statements consisting of two or three sentences to guide testing during these sessions

C. Define very generic charters to drive exploratory testing sessions of 2 days where testers are completely free to decide what to test

D. Exploratory testing should not be managed because such testing is inherently unmanageable and not measurable

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

Assume you are working on a defect management process to be used by a software organization to track the current status of the defects reports for several projects.

When a defect is found for investigation a defect report is created in “Opened” state that is the unique initial state. The defect report status has also a unique finale state that is the “Closed” state.

The following state transition diagram describes the states of this defect management process:

Where only the initial (“Opened”) and final (“Closed”) states are indicated while the remaining states (V, W, X, Y, Z) have yet to be named.

Which of the following assignments would you expect to best complete the defect management process? K3 2 credits

A. V=Rejected , W=Corrected , X=Validated, Y=Re-Opened, Z=Assigned

B. V=Assigned, W=Validated , X=Corrected, Y=Re-Opened, Z=Rejected

C. V=Assigned, W=Corrected , X=Validated, Y=Re-Opened, Z=Rejected

D. V= Corrected, W=Assigned, X=Validated, Y=Corrected, Z=Rejected

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

Assume you are the Test Manager in charge of independent testing for avionics applications.

You are in charge of testing for a project to implement three different CSCI (Computer Software Configuration Item):

a BOOT-X CSCI that must be certified at level B of the DO-178B standard

a DIAG-X CSCI that must be certified at level C of the DO-178B standard

a DRIV-X CSCI that must be certified at level A of the DO-178B standard These are three different software modules written in C language to run on a specific hardware platform. You have been asked to select a single code coverage tool to perform the mandatory code coverage measurements, in order to meet the structural coverage criteria prescribed by the DO-178B standard. This tool must be qualified as a

verification tool under DO-178B.

Since there are significant budget constraints to purchase this tool, you are evaluating an open-source tool that is able to provide different types of code coverage. This tool meets perfectly your technical needs in terms of the programming

language and the specific hardware platform (it supports also the specific C-compiler).

The source code of the tool is available.

Your team could easily customize the tool to meet the project needs. This tool is not qualified as a verification tool under the DO-178B. Which of the following are the three main concerns related to that open-source tool selection?

K4 3 credits (2 credits out of 3 credits correct, 1 credit point)

A. Does the tool support all the types of code coverage required from the three levels A, B, C of the DO-178B standard?

B. Does the tool have a good general usability?

C. What are the costs to qualify the tool as a verification tool under the DO-178B?

D. Is the installation procedure of the tool easy?

E. Does the tool require a system with more than 4GB of RAM memory?

F. Is the licensing scheme of the tool compatible with the confidentiality needs of the avionics company?

Correct Answer: ACF

Question 6:

Consider the following skills assessment spreadsheet for your test team (consisting of four team members):

This spreadsheet has three sections: technical expertise, testing skills and professionalism.

The skill levels for each skill area for both the “technical expertise” and “testing skills” sections have been rated on a four-point scale:

-E (Expert): indicates that a person has expert knowledge and experience in the skill area

-B (Beginner): indicates that a person has some knowledge and experience in the skill area but he/she is not autonomous

W (Wants to learn): indicates that a person has no knowledge or experience in the skill area but he/she wants to learn that skill

NI (Not Interested): indicates that a person has no knowledge or experience in the skill area and he/she is not interested to learn that skill

The skill levels for each skill area of the “professionalism” section have been rated on a three point scale (H=High, M=Medium, L=Low).

Consider the following analysis of testing skills performed on four peoplE. Alex, Robert, John and Mark (all the skills have been rated on an ascending scalE. The higher the score, the better the skill):

Which of these people, based on this analysis, would you expect to be most suitable to work specifically as test designer? K4 3 credits

A. Alex

B. Roberta

C. John

D. Mark

Correct Answer: B

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