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Question 1:

Where would you make a field required?

Correct Answer: Page Layout

Question 2:

What happens if a WF task is assigned to a role containing more than one person?

Correct Answer: The owner of the record that triggered the rule becomes the task assignee.

Question 3:

Limitation for an organization related to triggers?

Correct Answer: SF limits the number of time triggers an organization can execute per hour. The limits are as follows: Developer Edition: 50 Enterprise Edition: 500 Unlimited Edition: 1000

Question 4:

Match the workflow steps with the setup requirement:

Correct Answer: Task – Select the Subject, status and priority Email Alert – Select a template Field Update – Select a field Rule – Select the subject status and priority

Question 5:

How can users obtain a security token?

Correct Answer: 1. By changing their password 2. By resetting their security token via the Salesforce UI

Question 6:

What profile permission is required for editing and deleting public tags?

Correct Answer: Tag Manager. Note: Tag Manager is enabled by default for the System Administrator profile.

Question 7:

What does the Role Hierarchy control?

Correct Answer: Controls data visibility and record roll up

Question 8:

How does the Import Wizard perform matching when updating records?

Correct Answer: By Salesforce ID

Question 9:

What are the field property options for Custom Fields?

Correct Answer: Required, Read-Only, External ID, Unique

Question 10:

Define the Marketing User Profile.

Correct Answer: Standard user perm can import leads for the Org

Question 11:

What can Delegated Admins do?

Correct Answer: View All and Modify ALL Access by Object

Question 12:

How does a Profile differ from a Role?

Correct Answer: Profile controls what a user can do with records (read, create, edit, delete. The Role controls the level of visibility that users have to organizations data.

Question 13:

Why utilize Account Teams and Sales Teams?

Correct Answer: Teams are used for collaboration, sharing, and for reporting purposes.

Question 14:

What elements are required for a workflow approval process?

Correct Answer: Check the answer in

Approval Action Approval Process Approval Request Approval Steps Assigned Approver(s) Email Approval Request Initial Submission Action Final Approval Action Final Rejection Action Outbound Messages Record Locking

Question 15:

When you define a Data Validation Rule, what must you also define?

Correct Answer: The error message.

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