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Question 1:

Your client wishes to restrict faculty members from entering a W grade for students in the grade roster. How can this be accomplished?

A. Create a grading scheme that does not contain a W grade and assign it to the course.

B. In the Schedule of Classes, give the faculty member access to only approve the grade roster.

C. In the Grade Scheme table, specify that a faculty member cannot grant a W grade.

D. Create a placeholder grade in the grading scheme that a faculty member can grant until a W is placed administratively.

E. Instruct faculty members to leave grades blank for students who are likely to earn a W.

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

Your client assigned communications to students a day ago. The next day when they run Communication Generation (CommGen), the communication is not generated successfully. What step should be taken to troubleshoot this error?

A. Ensure that the client has security access to the communication.

B. Create a new data source, template, report definition, and letter code.

C. Make sure that Communication Date Range Selection on the CommGen process reflects the date the communication was assigned.

D. Assign the communication to the students on a new row.

E. Run the Reset Communications process.

Correct Answer: E

Question 3:

Your client is trying to view ACT test scores on the External Test Score Suspense page to update some information received from an applicant. When the client searches for the applicant by entering the applicant\’s name, they are able to see only the AP or SAT tests.

Which Row Level Security is the user missing?

A. Application Center Security

B. Test ID Security

C. Transaction Security

D. Admissions Action Security

E. Recruiting Center Security

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

Identify two functions of Academic Groups.

A. They provide a way to group courses in the Course Catalog for reporting purposes

B. They determine how the GPA is calculated.

C. They are used to define standard meeting patterns.

D. They set defaults for course units.

E. They specify term setup and use.

Correct Answer: CE

Question 5:

Which statement is true about the relationship between the Academic Institution value specified on the Academic Organization table and the Academic Institution specified on the Academic Organization tree?

A. The two values for Academic Institution can reflect different institutions.

B. The two values must match the setup on the Campus table.

C. Each institution that has these values must have its own Academic Organization.

D. If users have access to an Institution on the table, they do not have access to the Institution on the tree.

E. The two values for Academic Institution must be identical.

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

Your client needs two different transcripts for two different schools within an institution (for example, two different transcripts for a medical school and a business school). How would you accommodate this difference?

A. Build a customization for Transcript Type that would allow for a different look-and-feel,

B. Change the delivered COBOL process so that it produces different results for the two schools.

C. Use the Request Transcript Report component to generate one school\’s transcript and the Transcript Request to generate the other.

D. Create two different transcripts by using the XML functionality and apply them to the appropriate transcript types.

E. Create two different transcripts by using Crystal Reports.

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Which statement is true about how service indicators appear in Self Service for students?

A. All service indicators appear to students in Self Service.

B. Service indicators can be set up to appear or not appear in Self Service.

C. Only service indicators with service impacts (that is, negative service indicators) appear in Self Service.

D. Only service indicators without impacts (that is, positive service indicators) appear in Self Service.

E. No service indicators appear in Self Service.

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Your client wants to set up enrollment security so that administrative users can enroll students only in classes that fall under their Academic Organization (that is, a user can enroll students in English classes but not Business). Which action would you take to ensure that this security is implemented as specified?

A. Limit each user\’s Academic Organization access by using row-level security.

B. Modify an employee\’s Security Views by using row-level security.

C. Create Enrollment Access Groups for each group of staff members, specify the appropriate Academic Organization, and assign the group to each staff member by using row-level security.

D. Create and set a new value restricting an employee\’s Transaction Security under row-level security.

E. Restrict each user\’s access to the Schedule of Classes and Course Catalog pages by using a permission list.

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

Your client wishes to separate the Campus Solutions and Human Capital Management instance in such a way that each suite maintains its own records while still using External Search/Match to avoid creating duplicate EMPLIDs between employees and students.

Which options reflects integration model that would best meet this record?


B. Distinct Ownership

C. Owner-Subscriber

D. HECH and Distinct Ownership

E. Owner-Subscriber and HECH

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

Your client recently made changes to the Item Type Matrix, but the changes are not reflected either in Student Self Service or when the program format is created. What step would you perform to troubleshoot this problem?

A. Review and adjust the student\’s security as needed.

B. Review and adjust the security of the staff member making the changes to ensure that they are committed.

C. Run the entity registry sync process and clear the cache.

D. Review the enrollment cohort to ensure that the student\’s admit term is included.

E. Ensure that the item is in the correct position in the program format.

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

Your client is trying to update an application on the Maintain Applications page in Student Admissions The client is able to admit the student but is unable to mark them as Intend to Matriculate. What is the reason for this error?

A. Access to Application Center Security is missing.

B. Access to Program Action Security is missing.

C. Access to Admissions Action Security is missing.

D. Access to Recruiting Center Security is missing.

E. Access to Academic Program Security is missing.

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

Your client wishes to set up transfer credit so that a single incoming course can be awarded credit as two equivalent courses (that is, a MATH 101 transfers as MATH101A and MATH101B).

How would you accomplish this setup?

A. Create two entries for the incoming course, transferring both to the equivalent courses.

B. On the Transfer Subject Area page > Subject Area Elements tab, add two entries in the Internal Equivalent row to reflect both equivalent courses.

C. On the Transfer Subject Area page > Subject Area Elements tab, select the Wildcard check box in the Incoming Course row.

D. Transfer the incoming course to an internal course, and enroll the student in the other equivalent course by providing the appropriate credit amount.

E. Enter a course attribute by specifying the source and transfer information for the equivalent courses.

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

Which option reflects how service indicators are placed on organizations as opposed to people?

A. Service indicators placed on people can only be positive, with no impact.

B. Positive and negative service indicators can be placed both on people and organizations.

C. Service indicators placed on organizations can only be positive, with no impact.

D. Service indicators placed on people can only be negative.

E. Service indicators placed on organizations can only be negative.

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

Your client wants to notify students when a class section is canceled. Which three options would allow the client to do this?

A. Schedule of Classes will automatically send a communication to enrolled students when a class is canceled.

B. Notify students through the email functionality on Class Roster for each class before cancellation.

C. Use the Notify button at the bottom of the Maintain Schedule of Classes page, which automatically places the email addresses of enrolled students in the BCC field of the notify screen.

D. Develop a query to generate a report of students dropped from canceled classes and create a communication through Communication Generation for these students.

E. Create a trigger that would assign a communication in the 3C Engine to students dropped from a canceled class.

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

Your client wants to enable users to add and manage two separate Program/Plan stacks for students in multiple programs within the same career. How should this be accomplished?

A. Add a new row on the existing Program/Plan stack with a Program Change action to enter the additional program.

B. On the Program/Plan stack, use the Add button to create a new career and stack record, incrementing the Student Career Number to differentiate the two stacks.

C. On the existing Program/Plan stack, select the Joint ProgAppr check box and enter the second program into the Dual Academic Program field that appears.

D. Create a student attribute specifying that the student has a separate stack and enter the student attribute on the existing Program/Plan stack.

E. Create a special Program/Plan combination that can be entered on the existing stack for dual program students.

Correct Answer: D

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