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Question 1:

It has been reported to you that someone has caused an information spillage on their computer. You go to the computer, disconnect it from the network, remove the keyboard and mouse, and power it down. What step in incident handling did you just complete?

A. Containment

B. Eradication

C. Recovery

D. Discovery

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

What is the code written for?

A. Buffer Overflow

B. Encryption

C. Bruteforce

D. Denial-of-service (Dos)

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Which of the following is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet.

A. Heartbleed Bug


C. SSL/TLS Renegotiation Vulnerability

D. Shellshock

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

One of the Forbes 500 companies has been subjected to a large scale attack. You are one of the shortlisted pen testers that they may hire. During the interview with the CIO, he emphasized that he wants to totally eliminate all risks. What is one of the first things you should do when hired?

A. Interview all employees in the company to rule out possible insider threats.

B. Establish attribution to suspected attackers.

C. Explain to the CIO that you cannot eliminate all risk, but you will be able to reduce risk to acceptable levels.

D. Start the Wireshark application to start sniffing network traffic.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

Which of the following is the most important phase of ethical hacking wherein you need to spend considerable amount of time?

A. Gaining access

B. Escalating privileges

C. Network mapping

D. Footprinting

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

A big company, who wanted to test their security infrastructure, wants to hire elite pen testers like you. During the interview, they asked you to show sample reports from previous penetration tests. What should you do?

A. Share reports, after NDA is signed

B. Share full reports, not redacted

C. Decline but, provide references

D. Share full reports with redactions

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

You are about to be hired by a well known Bank to perform penetration tests. Which of the following documents describes the specifics of the testing, the associated violations, and essentially protects both the bank\’s interest and your liabilities as a tester?

A. Service Level Agreement

B. Non-Disclosure Agreement

C. Terms of Engagement

D. Project Scope

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

It is a widely used standard for message logging. It permits separation of the software that generates messages, the system that stores them, and the software that reports and analyzes them. This protocol is specifically designed for transporting event messages. Which of the following is being described?





Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

You\’ve just discovered a server that is currently active within the same network with the machine you recently compromised. You ping it but it did not respond. What could be the case?

A. TCP/IP doesn\’t support ICMP

B. ARP is disabled on the target server

C. ICMP could be disabled on the target server

D. You need to run the ping command with root privileges

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

Which of the following is NOT an ideal choice for biometric controls?

A. Iris patterns

B. Fingerprints

C. Height and weight

D. Voice

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

In order to prevent particular ports and applications from getting packets into an organization, what does a firewall check?

A. Network layer headers and the session layer port numbers

B. Presentation layer headers and the session layer port numbers

C. Application layer port numbers and the transport layer headers

D. Transport layer port numbers and application layer headers

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

Suppose you\’ve gained access to your client\’s hybrid network. On which port should you listen to in order to know which Microsoft Windows workstations has its file sharing enabled?

A. 1433

B. 161

C. 445

D. 3389

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

Which of the following BEST describes the mechanism of a Boot Sector Virus?

A. Moves the MBR to another location on the hard disk and copies itself to the original location of the MBR

B. Moves the MBR to another location on the RAM and copies itself to the original location of the MBR

C. Overwrites the original MBR and only executes the new virus code

D. Modifies directory table entries so that directory entries point to the virus code instead of the actual program

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

XOR is a common cryptographic tool. 10110001 XOR 00111010 is?

A. 10111100

B. 11011000

C. 10011101

D. 10001011

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

LM hash is a compromised password hashing function. Which of the following parameters describe LM Hash:?

I ?The maximum password length is 14 characters.

II ?There are no distinctions between uppercase and lowercase.

III ?It\’s a simple algorithm, so 10,000,000 hashes can be generated per second.

A. I

B. I, II, and III


D. I and II

Correct Answer: B

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