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Question 1:

At the end of the last iteration, the customer rejects the deliverables since they did not meet the customer\’s expectations. What should the project manager have been done to prevent this situation?

A. Involved the customer more in the planning process for the project, and ensured agreement on the proceedings.

B. Included all relevant criteria in the agreed upon definition of done (DoD), and crafted a shared product vision.

C. Provided the customer with the backlog and the specified user stories at the beginning of the iteration.

D. Developed the DoD in close cooperation with all stakeholders to ensure their expectations were included.

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

A project manager is acting as a scrum master in a hybrid project and is dealing with a conflict between team members What strategy should be used to handle this conflict?

A. Sort conflicts into two groups: positive and negative

B. Place conflicts into categories: structural and interpersonal.

C. Place conflicts on a shared conflict list and ensure it is visible

D. Review conflicts during daily Scrum so they are handled in a timely manner

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Stakeholders in some industries prefer to deal with programmers and system analysts directly, bypassing project managers. This complicates managing resources on projects How should a project manager solve this issue?

A. Propose implementing a new project management information system (PMIS).

B. Request a meeting with senior management to escalate the situation

C. Promote adoption of the communications management plan with the project team.

D. Host a team-building event to develop team cohesion and improve communication

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

During the execution of a maintenance project the contractor submits an offer for additional work The project manager realizes that the activities billed are included in the initial scope of work. What should the project manager do next in this situation?

A. Review the project scope and negotiate with the contractor

B. Refuse the offer as it is included in the initial project scope

C. Review the project costs and communicate this to the project sponsor

D. Submit a change request to approve the offer

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

A new project manager learns the work assigned to the team has already been decomposed to its lowest level The project manager reviews the work and feels some additional useful information is missing What should the project manager review?

A. The project charter and scope statement

B. The requirements traceability matrix

C. The business requirement documents (BRD)

D. The WBS dictionary

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

The project manager has observed that two team members have been arguing with each other openly at meetings To push their ideas through, each team member individually spoke with the sponsor directly and made decisions without informing the project manager or other team members

What two actions should project manager take? (Choose two)

A. Ask the team members to work it out themselves

B. Discuss this situation with other project managers and ask for advice

C. Reiterate ground rules at the next meeting and ensure that all team members are clear about these rules.

D. Address the behavioral issue with each team member

E. Discuss the behavior directly with their managers and request them to correct the behavior.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 7:

While developing a new product, a key stakeholder expresses concern about insufficient information on product feature requirements. The product team disagrees and mentions that detailed requirements have been provided. What should the project manager do to handle this situation?

A. Organize a discussion with the product team to clarify the missing information.

B. Redirect the stakeholder to discuss this request with the functional manager.

C. Record the new requirements and ask the product team to develop them.

D. Conduct new risk and scope analyses, identifying the missing information.

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

A stakeholder on a project has a reputation for being easily angered and unreasonably difficult on projects The project manager would like to minimize the impact of the stakeholder\’s behavior on the development team. What training should the project manager choose for their team to help with this situation?

A. Communication training

B. Negotiation training

C. Emotional intelligence training

D. Agile training.

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

A project manager has been assigned to lead a project to deploy a new system. The stakeholders disagree on the project objectives and approach. What should the project manager do?

A. Create a roles and responsibilities matrix based on the project charter and ask the sponsor to share it with all stakeholders to provide credible authority

B. Conduct scoping workshops with the project team to create a work breakdown structure (WBS), assign tasks to various entities share this with all stakeholders, and ask the team to complete their tasks as scheduled

C. Conduct a general meeting with all stakeholders and review and address a list of activities for each of them

D. Breakdown the situation to identify the root causes for the disagreement and then work with each stakeholder and participating entity on their exact roles and responsibilities

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

During the executing phase, a project manager is reviewing the issue log and finds there are outstanding high-priority issues that are still open. Most of the open issues require effort from external domain experts who are not on the project team.

What should the project manager do?

A. Ask the issue reporter to close the issues, because there are no project team members who have the required domain knowledge.

B. Review the open issues with the issue reporter and issue a change request to hire an external domain expert.

C. Request that the project team members learn the required domain knowledge and resolve the open issues in a short time.

D. Reduce the project scope to ensure that the project team has the knowledge to deliver the system on schedule.

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

A project team delivered a critical deliverable to the customer. The customer complained that the maintenance manual was not included.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Submit a change request to include the manual.

B. Add the needed manual and update the risk log.

C. Review the stakeholder engagement plan.

D. Review the terms and conditions of the contract.

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

In an ongoing project, stakeholders have been approaching team members for status reports and changes without consulting the project manager. What should the project manager do to ensure a successful project?

A. Send the project charter to all stakeholders for information.

B. Send an email to all stakeholders directing them to approach the project manager directly.

C. Review the stakeholder engagement plan and inform the stakeholders.

D. Review the change management plan and ask the change control board (CCB) to be involved.

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

A senior business stakeholder with many years of experience is pressuring an agile team to deliver most of the promised functionality to the customer 18 months in the future as opposed to multiple, incremental deliveries over the course of the 18 months What should the project lead do next?

A. Schedule meetings with the customer to determine their ability to support multiple incremental deliveries

B. Work with the agile team to schedule the incremental deliveries to enable delivery of business value sooner to the customer.

C. Work with the stakeholder to understand what the concerns are while at the same time conveying the benefits of incremental deliveries

D. Provide details of the concern to the agile team and adjust their goals and release plans to conform to the stakeholder\’s request.

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

A project manager invites the company CEO, sponsor, team members, and an external client representative to a meeting to review the project management plan. The project manager starts to present the budget but the CEO suddenly asks to end the meeting

What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

A. Reviewed the communications management plan before inviting an external client representative to the meeting

B. Reviewed the cost management plan with internal participants and CEO prior to inviting an external client representative to the meeting

C. Performed a root cause analysis with the external client representative and documented the findings in the lessons learned register

D. Sent the presentation slides to internal participants first and then to the external client representative prior to the meeting

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

A globally distributed project team is running behind schedule due to the lack ol team commitment and low morale. In order to bring the schedule back on track, what should the project manager do first?

A. Seek the sponsor\’s approval to extend the project schedule.

B. Set up a meeting to perform a root cause analysis.

C. Update the issue log and communicate it to the team.

D. Permanently colocate the team for better performance.

Correct Answer: A

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